Professional Services l Technology Solutions

Since 2002, JVKellyGroup, Inc., has been delivering innovative solutions to the world’s leading organizations.  Our Solutions Division specializes in implementing best-in class solutions and developing applications to seamlessly flow information into actionable business intelligence.  By combining our people, state of the art tools and processes, we provide organizations with the keys to make effective business decisions to drive profitability. 

 Our People – Demonstrated Experience

With a team of project managers, engineers, application architects and development experts, averaging more than 15 years of hands-on, industry experience, our people have led engagements across a diverse range of industry verticals.  Our people are responsible for monitoring market trends, evaluating best practices, implementing best-in class solutions, and designing and developing state of the art applications to address critical business challenges. 

 Our State Of The Art Tools – Practical Solutions

In today’s business world, organizations suffer from information overload - we’ve gone from information-starved to information-drowned.  Information counts, but applied intelligence matters.  The idea of applied intelligence is simple – good decisions require more than quality information; they require the ability to interconnect information, integrate experience, context and analysis into actionable business intelligence through our state of the art tools.

 Our Processes – A Commitment to Excellence

We approach each project utilizing our flexible clientcentric model that allows us to adapt our methodology, solutions and recommendations to each organization’s specific needs.  We do not believe in a “one size fits all approach” due to the nature and complexity of each organization’s unique needs and goals.  We make a substantial investment in quality of all our projects through our Center of Excellence.  This select group is responsible to ensure decisions are not being made on simple conclusions, but with applied intelligence.

JVKellyGroup’s team of application architects and development experts are ready to build innovative solutions that provide you with the keys to make effective business decisions to drive profitability.