Applied Intelligence 

Good decisions require more than quality data. They require the ability to integrate experience, context and analysis into each situation. JVKellyGroup, Inc.  enables more efficient and effective decision making by combining industry leading software development, years of “on the beat” industry experience and subject matter expertise. JVKellyGroup’s combination of flexible services will give you the visibility to get the results you need.

Who We Are

JVKellyGroup, Inc. provides cost reduction and risk mitigation solutions to help companies ensure their spend is effectively analyzed, sourced, managed and monitored. We help some of the world’s largest organizations increase cost savings, streamline sourcing and procurement processes and improve supplier relationships. 
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Industry Recognition






Recent News

 HUNTINGTON, N.Y.-- Jim Kelly, CEO and founder of JVKellyGroup, Inc., has been named to the 2013 Supply & Demand Chain Executive list of 'Pros to Know'. This marks the seventh consecutive honor in his long and illustrious career.

As fiscal belts tighten across the business world, Kelly's firm continues to maintain a track record of excellence in the economically crucial procurement space. Read More